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I have been working with Lisa for over two years. My experience with her has been great. Lisa will explain grammar and sentence structure, and she will also explain the corrections that were made so moving forward when writing papers. I can use the correct grammar.I have learned to write and edit papers and to insert the correct grammar and punctuation. My writing skills are stronger because Lisa not only edits but will critique the paper to help me with future writing. I would recommend Lisa for editing or writing help. She is reliable, thorough, and reasonably priced.


I started working with Lisa because I wanted to improve my writing skills while in college. I have been working with her for more than three years while completing my undergraduate and graduate school programs. Lisa has been a good fit for me because she has helped me to improve on my thinking skill and my writing skills. We have worked with persistence on my grammar and editing. Lisa has knowledge and patience that have helped me with my learning. I feel grateful to have Lisa as a writing mentor and would definitely recommend her services to others.


I hired Lisa to edit my middle grade historical fiction novel. Lisa provided detailedline by line copy editing and developmental editing of my book. Her constructive feedback helped me to focus my plot and strengthen my character development, as well as to keep my grammar in check. Not only did she give me valuable suggestions, but she taught me how to apply them and help me become a better writer. I could not have gotten my book to the level it is without her.


Lisa and I have been working together for a while now. Over the of past weeks, I have just seen a significant improvement while writing business emails or tackling blog posts. As a non-English native speaker, I used to have anxiety while writing English and now it is almost gone. I feel more confident and with her encouragements, I know where I should focus my efforts. With Lisa's help and guidance, I started to review grammar rules and how to improve my writing skills. Her teaching style can fit anyone’s needs because she is easy to work with, and she is flexible while providing very great pieces of advice. I have found her uniquely capable of capturing my attention and helping me learn confidently. She is very helpful with my particular needs, and she answers any questions I have. Every week I have homework to do including sentences correction or writing an essay about a topic, and then we review it together and correct mistakes. Lisa is always there to answer a question and explain the complexity of English grammar and its countless rules. I am very glad I came across Lisa's business when I was selecting a tutor. Hiring her was the best decision I made to improve and work on my writing skills.